It’s Complicated

19 Jun

My life is complicated.

Am not perfect or anything. Infact I am the most complicated person ever.What most people fail to do is understand me.I figure that is why my inner circle is kinda small. By the way you don’t have to understand me and honestly I really don’t care whoever reads this.

I make alot of rash decisions and get impatient alot. My weakness.
I try my best not to walk on people’s toes (as if that ever works).
I hate pressure.

I should just resort to being a loner.

But then again I need people around me. Even the strong fall.
I too would need a support system. Precisely what I never get. Being too nice is tearing me apart.
Haha you’re probably wondering what is up with me. I get it. Am just having ‘one of those days’. The retards will assume am in my periods. No idiots not yet. :):)

It’s about 00:36a.m and I can’t get some sleep.
It’s time I change my strategy. Maybe I have been doing it all wrong. The fewer people around me the better.

If it’s any consolation I am always happy and content. Loyalty is what I need.

I miss my papa

15 Jun

Today is father’s day.

Would things have been different if you were still around.
Would I be now rushing to your room to kiss you goodmorning and give you a happy father’s day hug.

11years have gone by and I still celebrate you.
You were the best daddy I could ever ask for.

I remember my first day in school.
You held my hand and took me to school telling me how fun it would be.

I remember my first visit to the dentist,
You knew how afraid I am of syringes so you held me tight and told me it was all gonna be okay.

I remember all your trips abroad.
You would bring us goodies and I especially remember the snail shaped chocolates.

I remember every Sunday after church we would go to Steers and you’d read a news paper while Mike and I would go play in the ball castle.

I remember christmas.
We would set up a christmas tree and decorate the house. We would always celebrate as a family.

I remember my first acting performance.
You were there to support me. I remember looking for your face in the audience and when I saw you I was really happy I even forgot my lines. All you did was smile. I have never forgotten your smile.

I remember the nicknames you had for me.
I always smile when I think of them.

I now understand why I love football. Mama told me when I was born I was really sick. You’d always hold me throughout the night in your arms and we would ‘watch the matches.’

I remember all my birthdays,my visits to the zoo and the dentists *smiles*

I remember the last time I saw you….I feel sad.

I will never forget the look in your eyes when you told me you were gonna be okay. Daddy you lied to me. You never were. I was so young and naive to understand a thing.

In a blink of an eye you were gone.

I loved you daddy I still do. I know you watch over me.
You were the perfect dad! Hardworking,loving,caring beyond words.

No one can ever take your place in my heart no one.

I LOVE YOU George Willis Odhiambo. Rest in Peace daddy.

The First Step

11 Jun

I remember me writing on my blog how much I am never giving up in life. I deleted the post though.
I remember quoting the renonwed actor Olu Jacobs at the first ever Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA’s). One particular thing caught my attention.
Olu said, “In life,when you don’t succeed,you try and try and try again”
That really inspired me loads. I know what I want and I believe God has purposed great things for me.
I think am on the right track people. Having the right people backing me up,I have had the best support system I could ever ask for.


10 Jun

This is officially my first post.
I got all the inspiration I need and I have the right support system backing me up.
Tried this once before didn’t work and now I am seriously doing it.
Well in my blog I am basically going to write about everything.

Well Hello, my name is Millie and welcome to my blog…


14 Apr

So like right now I am totally clueless on what to write. I have had this blog for quite a while now and honestly I know not what to write. Been saying to myself over and over again that I would get time and write but nope think I just I just lack inspiration. Don’t get me wrong I love writing soooo much and I think it’s high time I got serious. So here I go…


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