6th March

6 Mar

Hi there. Am home and abit exhausted. I am feeling nauseous too I don’t know why but am okay I guess. My day has been good as usual I thank God.

So been doing abit of thinking. Tomorrow I am supposed to meet up with an ex of mine. Here’s the full story. Wait! Hold up! 😨 Faithful readers, remember when I told y’all I don’t care whoever reads my posts :roll: Well I lied! I so totally care and I haven’t been completely honest. I’ll get back to that in a later post.

So I met X (name withheld) on social media. We hit it off immediately. Before we knew it we were already dating. It didn’t take long though. During one of our lengthy talks he admitted that he was so much into getting intimate that if I didn’t give him the cookie he was gonna get it elsewhere. I applaud the fact that he had the balls to actually say it and not go behind my back and cheat on me. Well that’s a first. So I broke up with him. Long story short we stopped talking, started talking, stopped talking and now we are talking once again. If you would have asked me if I am still into him a week ago I would have said yes. Ask me now…. *crickets* 😓

I am meeting him tomorrow but I am undecided. I know what he wants. If I meet up with him I know it’s back to square one;we are getting back together. Do I wanna get back together with him? :| If we get back together and he doesn’t get pussy from me he’s gonna get it elsewhere. As simple as that.

I am thinking of coming up with an excuse to not meet him. I am not getting hurt again. Been down that road before.

I am not into getting into a relationship anytime soon. I love being single and I don’t need anyone to be happy.

Enough with that. Okay moving on swiftly :)

Friday night. My friday nights made at home lol. Bored I swear. Nothing fancy. A movie or two. Guess am good.

Again it’s nothing serious ;)
Later! 💙💙💙

25th February

25 Feb

Hello once again it’s me. Its 7:12pm. In the kitchen tonight. I am preparing tonight’s dinner. Ugali,beef stew and veggies 🍲

An hour and a half later and I am done. 

My day today? Okay as usual. Watched movies and worked for the better part of it. Yeah am working from home writing reports and all. A blog thing and what not. Had a meeting in town but didn’t go. Came up with this lame excuse. Was feeling abit under the weather.

Right now I am listening to Aye by Davido. I looooove this song 💙 Coincidence? :roll: maybe?! :):):) which leads to this ~~~> I made a new friend. Been talking to this Nigerian guy who seems pretty nice but here’s the thing. I met him on social media nothing serious we just friends I guess. I kinda feel as though I said things I shouldn’t have said. I am not sure if it’s because I ate too much chocolate? I was on Oreo and Cadbury duty today. 💕 I looove myself some candy 😍💕 My sugar levels were really high, lots of excitment??? *thinking* Naaah lol am messing but I talked too much and somehow I kinda regret it. Wait! I don’t regret a thing. All I said was basically the truth.

So about the guy name with-held. Don’t get me wrong am never this talkative but for some reason I kept telling him things I wouldn’t tell anyone. To top it all up he’s a total stranger. I mean who does that 😫 I might have come off as naive I guess which I swear I am not. Kept blurting things out lol you’d think I’d have know him all my life. But still I don’t care what he thinks as long as he continues being super super sweet to me *shrug* hahaha… I dunno I guess am starting to be strong opinionated and speaking my mind. So eeerhm yeah.

I think he’s nice and quite charming based on what he’s been telling me so far. Hope it stays that way.
+1 friend added today :D

Talked to my bestfriend today too. We would have had lunch but I couldn’t make it. She had some great news. So happy for her. Lu got someone special in her life and says how much this new guy is super sweet and is into her. They are even leaving town for the weekend. Aaaaawh am happy for my boo boo. She deserves it and much more. Such an amazing lady. Love her to the moon and back 💛💛💛

In bed now. Tired? yes! Oh so I gotta wake up early tomorrow. Need to work out. The opportunity/interview I talked about in one of my recent posts? yeah that. Won’t say a thing but I gotta keep fit and in shape if I wanna succeed.

Gotta love you and leave you now. Thanks for stopping by *wink*

Again it’s nothing serious ;)
Later! 💙💙💙



25 Feb


7th Feb

8 Feb

A friend earlier on asked me if I am a strong christian. Well I love the Lord God, I believe in Jesus Christ and I want to go to heaven. I have been into salvation for quite a long time now but I wasn’t that deep into it. But I thank the Lord because something drastic happened in my life that made me remember who I really am. Am not perfect I always say but I intend on doing the right things oh help me God.I always say; each and every day you get to see is evident that God is not done with you. I know God has good plans for everyone, all we have to do is have faith and believe in Him. Well I believe 💜💜💜

I love typing when it’s night time and I can stare at the sky while I think. I got music too. A little Inspiration. I think one day am gonna have to get myself a telescope. The stars are just too beautiful.

I got this major interview so I have been prepping up a bit. Okay not a bit. ALOOOOT! I won’t say for what coz I dowanna jinx anything but I pray it all goes my way 🙏

My day was okay. Same old. Been indoors the entire time. TV and all. Yeah nuh much nothing new :roll:

It’s getting windy and I am feeling cold plus I am hungry and the food smells so good :D:D:D Gotta go inside now. Y’all take care! Be safe! 😘😘😘

Again it’s nothing serious ;)
Later! 💙💙💙



6 Feb


6th February

6 Feb

I lack words today. Been typing and deleting over and over. In bed now, about to sleep.I read today that through your journey in life,everything had to happen the way it did for you to get where you are today. Just a by the way :D.

Enters my kid bro. This guy is getting big. A day at a time. It’s like one day I woke up and he buffed up waaa! My mom doesn’t like him going to the gym and she’s warned him before. I don’t think she’s seen him lol. Nowander he’s always coming late from the university. Ha! 😄😄😄 now I get why he’s always taking long when staring at the mirror. Always admiring himself lol.

He kinda reminds me of my big brother. He’s starting to look like him. Sneeze like him. Walk like him. His laughter too. They remind me of my dad. Both of them take after him.

Battery warning 30%. My time is almost up. It’s 1:05 am. Done reading today’s Bible verse. Food for my soul. Got my earphones too. My usual night-time playlist;Hillsong… 🙏🙏🙏 . My Heavens will open. Amen!

Anyway thats it for me. Gotta sleep now. Be good people. xoxo 👄👄👄

Again it’s nothing serious ;)
Later! 💙💙💙

5th February

5 Feb

Hello there it’s me again. It is 19:50 pm right now… So if you wondering why I got rid of most of my pictures on IG well not saying… lol okay but seriously though I have been doing alot of thinking and Bible reading too 1st Timothy 2:9-11.

Basically I don’t really care whoever reads my posts. Like I said before I always find solace in writing.

Okay enough with that. :) Right now am cooking. For real though. I am an african woman who loves the kitchen so don’t expect any less ;)

My bro has been making fun of me. We were talking about Valentines Day yesterday and what he’s planning to do for his girlfriend. Oh yeah it’s like 7 days away. It’s always been the same for me cause for some reason I am always bae-less on the 14th lol. But it doesn’t matter that much. Got enough love from family and friends, so I expect nothing more. Am cool :D

Lesson learnt today. Faith. Faith of a mustard seed. Faith that all will be well. Faith that my mountains will move.

Back to my cooking now. Dinner is served. Karibuni nyote.

Again it’s nothing serious ;)
Later! 💙💙💙


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